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Bear For Life – Official Music Video

Scott directed/DP/Edited this music video, check it out

wifi arduino enabled controllable LED lights color temp changing, 1000w output

Panasonic wants to feature Scott’s footage at NAB 2013

Hey MCP Fans, Panasonic has asked us to give over some of our quality footage to be seen at NAB 2013. "Hi Scott, Panasonic would

Dwayne Wade’s Pre-Game Routine

Dwayne Wade's Pre-game routine, Scott was one of the shooters here for NOC tv (and helped put the gopro on Dwade's head)

GoPro Releases long awaited Iphone and Tablet App

Finally, the GoPro App that allows you to use your Iphone and tablet as a monitor and remote control up to 50 GoPro cameras with

New Gear!

Hey everybody! We are very excited, and honored to be a recipient of the NANA small business grant, allowing us the opportunity to stock up

Gopro Wifi Backpack and RC firmware update

Hey there, Just incase you have purchased the Gopro Wifi Backpack and Remote like we have here at MCP, here is a link for the

This is why we chop

Scott shot the interview segments with the president, the coach, the players in this opening night video with the Atlanta braves.

“The Critical View” Panasonic blog’s about Scott Wellington

"The Critical View" (click here to read blog post from panasonic) Panasonic loved when they heard on twitter about Scott getting hired to DP the

Scott appears on the .video show with Jessie Miller

Scott was an internet guest speaker on the Pix240's features and functions. Check out his appearance.